Helping Hands Weekend- April 5-7

More than once, camp families have approached us wanting to volunteer their labor over a weekend (in exchange for the opportunity to bring a daughter or granddaughter, eat some tasty food, and enjoy some laughter and song around a campfire). The requests included dads and granddads, too.

So it is something we have been pondering, and we have amassed a list of potential tasks that helping hands would be a real blessing with!

Below is a list of those tasks in broad terms. Knowing who would be interested in (or qualified for) which tasks will be a big help in ensuring that we have the right tools for efficient progress, so we are asking you to predict what you would be best at.

And thanks!

Arrivals on Friday evening, April 5 (we will have a sandwich buffet), and departure after breakfast on Sunday, April 7.

Contact us at (830) 238-4650 or

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