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Monique is on safari! Her dad makes custom knives, normally with exotic handles made of unusual antlers or bones. They are active in Safari Club International, and often set up a booth

Monique says they were “this close”!

at conventions of the sort. Not infrequently, there are fundraisers, with big-ticket items being auctioned off. It was at such an event that Monique’s dad bought a safari for two to the Republic of South Africa.

Monique has been to Africa before and loves to hunt and take photos. As an only child, she was taught all the “boy things” by her dad (all about guns, hunting, orienteering, firebuilding), along with all the “girl things” from her mom (all about sewing, embroidery, scrapbooking and crafting).

She writes an account of her adventures for herself and will be sharing some of them in her upcoming Heart blog posts.

Maybe one day I’ll join her on safari; I’ve been to every other continent except Africa.

Hasta luego!

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