Are we ready to vote yet?

Raise your hand if you’re sick and tired of all the political ads and cantankerous debating! I know I am, but I also have low tolerance for fussing and fighting (as a child, I learned to tune these thing out, ha ha!).

I stopped at The Store in Hunt to post a flyer for a choir concert we’re working on, and found the sizeable community bulletin board to be completely filled. I had to read all the posters in search of one that was outdated, so that I could switch it out with the choir poster.

Lo and behold, there were the sample ballots for Nov. 6. I do take voting to be a serious responsibility, and I like to study up ahead of time in order to make the “right” choices. But sometimes details of the “smaller” elections get crowded out, and sample ballots are hard to come by, and I don’t even realize they’re on the poll. I HATE showing up to vote and finding a contest that I am unprepared to vote for, because you don’t get a second chance!

Well, I was horrified to see that beyond the big national elections, there was not one race that I knew much about. Not even Hunt ISD School Board! So I began my research in earnest. Railroad Commission, Texas Supreme Court, Appeals Court, State Board of Education… they all make a difference! And might I add that I do get discouraged in the bigger, more publicized races, thinking that my one little vote won’t hold any sway. But for Hunt School Board—oh yes, it does!

Vote wisely; I’m trying to. Hasta la vista.

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Jane Ragsdale (Mrs. Dick Howell) is the director of Heart O’ the Hills. She was a Heart camper and counselor, and served as program director from 1978-87. She has been one of the owners since 1976, and director since 1988.

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