On the 12th Day of Christmas…

It’s beginning to look at lot like Christmas here in the Hill Country. With the temperatures still reaching the mid to upper 70’s it sure doesn’t feel like Christmas outside, but if you drive around at night you will see trees and houses all decorated with Christmas lights that lets you know that it is, in fact, Christmas time. One of the biggest ways I know that it’s Christmas time is all the parties that are taking place. Many of the different camps in the area have invited us over for tamales and other foods and Christmas fellowship. We have even celebrated Christmas in Young Life.

Me with Tivy Highschool Freshman dressed up for Christmas Club!

Me with Tivy Highschool Freshman dressed up for Christmas Club!

This past Monday was our Young Life Christmas Club. All of the Tivy Highschool students came dressed up in their cheesiest Christmas sweater and craziest Christmas attire. We started the night off by playing Christmas Carol Roulette. We divided the kids into eight groups. Each group had to take turns singing 30 seconds of a Christmas song. If your group repeated a song already sung or took too long to come up with a song, you were out. I like to think of myself as a Christmas song expert, so, needless to say, my group won the game.

We have many awesome kids and leaders who are great at getting up in front of everyone to do a skit. For our Christmas skit, they sang the 12 days of Christmas… with a little twist!

Volunteering for Young Life is like getting to do camp year round. Every Monday night we have club and a lot of the Tivy Highschool kids come. Young Life, gives me so many good ideas for camp that I can’t wait to implement this summer!

Love from “The Heart”
<3 Meghan

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Jane Ragsdale (Mrs. Dick Howell) is the director of Heart O’ the Hills. She was a Heart camper and counselor, and served as program director from 1978-87. She has been one of the owners since 1976, and director since 1988.

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