“Every artist was first an amateur.” – Ralph Waldo Emerson

Happy Valentine’s Day in June! Today was Valentine’s Day, and most of us celebrated by exchanging little cards and notes that people have been preparing for each other during siestas. This instead of writing lengthy letters home, in case you’ve been wondering about the holdup in your mail.

We started the day with a leisurely breakfast in bed of fresh made doughnuts that Meghan and Julianna picked up on a sunrise run to town, along with cereal, cereal bars, milk, fresh fruit and yogurt.

As the campers have been here a week already, new table assignments began today at lunch.

The following people have just earned archery medals: Mimi Coffey, Sage McD and Ashton S (one each), Emma T and Lauren V (two apiece).

Perfect tepee inspections were awarded to Daisy Dollhouse, Goldenrod Roost, Marigold Mansion, Nettle Nest, Oak Tree House, Trumpetvine Hideaway. Adobe 2 had another pigpen and had to be re-inspected after siesta.

Once again, extra hands were needed to haul mail and packages to the following tepees: Cactus Flower Cottage, Abrigo 1, Abrigo 2, and Adobe Village 1.

Once again, the skies clouded up this afternoon, but today’s clouds actually produced some rain. It began at about 5:30 and continued gently all evening, dropping a total of a third of an inch. Still it was enough that the Point Theater’s production of “Snow White: the Untold Story” had to be cancelled. This happened after our Seniors had already arrived; we plan to try again tomorrow night rather than movie night for them. instead, the Seniors had a dance party in the Village. I guess they were inspired from last night!

The S’Midgets (Midgets and Sophomores combined) came to our house, Mesa Manner, for Blue Bell Crazy Cookie Dough ice cream with toppings and a tour of the house. They loved chasing fireflies in the grass, playing with Spot, and trying to catch frogs by the fountain.

Juniors and Teens had tepee night, when each division decided what it wants to do, and I think most had something low key in mind, like mini spas in the room.

One of our dear older camper’s maternal grandfather passed away, so her dad came for her early this morning to take her on the four-hour-plus drive to Corpus, then back late tonight. When the dad got here this morning, he was telling Dick that his 92-year-old father-in-law had been a camper at Stewart, and that they placed a pair of his old (and I mean old) Camp Stewart shorts on his coffin.


















One more little story. The girls love to imagine what flavor of Blue Bell I’ll be serving at the ice cream party. I never let on. One of our tiny new Midgets must have gotten the word about this tradition, because she came up to me after flag lowering and asked the typical question, “What kind of ice cream are we having tonight?”

“Well”, I told her, “the kind we’re having is the really cold kind, and it’s nice and sweet, and when you scoop it out, it forms a little ball in your cup.”

“Yea! That’s my favorite kind!!”

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