How to Choose a Summer Camp

My favorite part about talking with parents is explaining why they should send their daughter away for two or four weeks. My Grandma sent me a magazine clipping of an article titled, “How to Choose a Summer Camp” by Patrick Biron where he listed five key points parents should consider when investigating a prospective camp. If you’re looking into sending your daughter to Heart O’ the Hills here are our guidelines!

1) Is the camp licensed?

Yes, we are licensed through the State of Texas as a Youth Camp.

2) Does the camp run background checks?

Absolutely. We run everyone through the U.S. Department of Justice National Sex Offender Public Website and also run a National Certified Background check.

3) How does the camp handle first aid?

We have an on-site Registered Nurse 24/7. We also have a doctor on-call in Kerrville. All of our Counselors are First Aid & CPR certified and all lifeguards and water safety instructors are certified through the American Red Cross.

4) What is the camp’s staff-to-camper ratio?

Our Counselor-to-camper ratio is 1:4 overall; 1:5 in tepees; 1:3 with all staff

5) How does the camp handle pick-up, and how can you control who takes home your child?

Closing for the full term (one month) is done over two days where your daughter shows off her new swimming and horseback riding skills and receives awards she’s earned over the term. We send out plenty of material explaining the details prior to Closing, but every child must be signed out by a legal guardian with their counselor. Gates are closed until a designated time and campers may not leave the Closing Activities early.

Have any other questions about our hiring process or safety guidelines? Feel free to give us a call at 830.238.4650.


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