Common questions on camp forms answered.

20-6 M, So Tepee Night (19)Camper’s Summer Forms are very important for our staff to best serve your camper. They provide us with important information about their health history, likes and dislikes, and other information such as transportation. They give your camper permission to participate in our programs, and ensure that we are prepared for your camper before they come to camp.

As the forms due date is approaching, we are getting a lot of questions about forms. I wanted to take a little time and go over these questions.

1. What forms need to be turned in for my camper to attend camp and what is the due date?

All forms and final payments are due April 25th.

The following forms must be filled out for your camper to come and participate in all the camp activities.

Activity Preference
Additional Options
Camper Profile
Camper Tenure Card
Tepee Requests

The following paper forms are required as well. The forms are barcoded with your daughter’s name ensuring they will be assigned to your daughter’s account.

Health History
Parent Authorization
Physicians Exam Form

2. How do I fill out my campers forms?

To log on and see the forms: go to our home page,, and on the right, there is a prominent gray box that says, “CampInTouch Login”. Click on that, and enter your email and password (when registering your camper for the summer you had to use or create a CampIntouch password). It will take you to a welcome page, and from here you will be able to access everything you need to prepare for the summer. This will also be the place to stay connected with us during your camper’s stay at The Heart.

To access the forms, you will see “Forms Dashboard” with “Forms and Documents”.

3. Why is a physical exam form completed by a doctor due each year, we did it last summer?

The American Camping Association standards require all campers to have a physician’s exam and signed medical form every 12 months.

4. I scheduled a doctor’s appointment for my camper after the form’s due date. Is that okay?

Yes! If you are unable to obtain your camper’s annual check-up before April 25th because of insurance restrictions, please send the form as soon as possible.

5. How do I return downloadable forms the camp office?

Upload completed forms or fax them WITHOUT A COVER SHEET to 1-866-361-0116.

6. I still have more questions about camper forms and want to talk to someone about how to best care for my camper. What should I do?

Never be afraid to call or email us! That is what we are here for. Whether you’d like to speak with me about your forms or account, or Jane, our director, about the unique needs of your camper, or you have questions for Laura, our program director, about field day themes, we’re happy to help!

7. There are a lot of forms! How will I get these all done?

Don’t worry, they aren’t as time-consuming as you might imagine!

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