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2014-07-01As a counselor who has had the opportunity to ride the camp bus, I truly believe that this decision is a no-brainer! Campers get to ride to Hunt in style on an extremely comfortable charter bus while chatting with other camp-obsessed friends. Not to mention they will get to watch all sorts of movie classics thanks to the DVD system on the bus, including the camp video to get them psyched for their adventures ahead! Honestly, does any other form of transportation sound as luxurious? Plus, campers know they are big time at camp when they pull through the gates on opening day on the camp bus. That is when other campers know the real party has arrived and the summer can begin!

All humor aside (but no really, the camp bus is bumpin) my experience has been amazing from a counselor’s point of view. I have seen friendships form on the bus between a returning seven-year camper and a first-year camper that was carried out through the summer. By riding the bus, campers get to meet people out of their age group or even bond with campers who are in their same age group but separated by cabin. The bus also allows for those first-year campers to ease into camp with more confidence. By already making connections and forming friendships on the way to camp, they will feel more at home once they actually arrive. All in all, I highly encourage people to look into riding the bus. Less hassle for the parents, more fun for the campers, and hilarious stories to share with bunkmates the first night of camp!


Editor’s note: Courtney Carrick was a camper for 11 terms, a LITe/counselor for seven. She continues to stay in touch and visit camp, and has been the camp representative riding our bus a number of times. She works as a flight attendant for American Airlines.

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Hello there! I am the Officer Manager here at Heart O' the Hills Summer Camp for Girls. I have been blessed to work here for over 11 years and I love every minute of it! We are always here to talk camp so please do not hesitate to contact us! <3 Mo--

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