The Camp – Family Relationship

Heart O’ the Hills is blessed with wonderful camper families. The generational legacies that continue to thrive are incredible. For instance, my first year as a counselor my mom (who was dropping my sisters off) cried walking up to another former camper named Hannah, who was dropping her daughter off. Am I named after Hannah? I sure think so.

My cabin that year consisted of seven angels with deep ties to Heart, one being Hannah’s daughter Hattie. Also in my cabin was Sarah, the daughter of Louann, who as a camp nurse when I was a camper, successfully got blood out of my t-shirt after a nosebleed, and Carrie, who was named after my Aunt Carrie because her mom and my aunt were camp best friends.

I could go on and on with fun ties from around the world (and we love hearing them!) but nothing stands truer than this: Our Camp to Family relationships are strong.

Here at the Heart we want you to feel comfortable sending your most prized possession with us for four full weeks of her summer. We want you to trust us in making sure she is fed, cared for, and getting enough sleep every night. We want you to know that she is having the time of her life while trying new activities or giggling with friends in the Dining Hall.

Monique, Jane, and myself are here year round ready to answer your questions via email or the phone. We also have very qualified and capable summer staff that can answer questions for you, so don’t be afraid to call!

The fun we have never stops. My Assistant Program Directors, Caetyn, Alden, Casey, and I made this video earlier this year because we are ready to shake off everything and into summer!

Well it was answered back with this fun video from former Heart Head Staff who are all now camp moms!

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