A Note from Our Second Term Nurse

Hello from Nurse Tracy!

Before we get started I would like to introduce myself- Hi, I’m Tracy! I
was a camper, counselor, sponsor, and this will be my fourth time
being the nurse.

I work with premature babies and breastfeeding, so please forgive me
if I ask a lot of questions about your child’s medication and health.

The first day of camp is so exciting!

If you want to speed through the nurse’s line on the first day make sure you have these things ready to go…

1. Completed and signed health history and consent to treat. If I do not
have consent to treat your child I can’t even give them a cough drop!

(or make sure you have already emailed/faxed/mailed these to camp)

  1. All medications, vitamins, eye drops (anything a 6 year old might get
    a hold of and consume) in a sealed plastic bag with a sheet of paper inside
    with detailed instructions on dosage.

The dosage instructions include: How many pills? How many
times a day? When? – Breakfast, lunch, dinner, or before
bed (ex. 2 pills, twice a day, with breakfast and dinner), and lastly why
is your child taking these medications? It may be obvious based on the kind
of medication, but sometimes medications are used for off label reasons and
I do not want to guess.

3.  Possibly the most important thing to bring me is a list of your
child’s allergies and what happens to your child when they get near/consume
said allergen (anaphylaxis, swelling, hives, difficulty breathing, itchy
throat). Also, what do you do when this happens? Does Benadryl usually
resolve it, or is it more like using the Epi-pen and a trip to the ER?

Please include any allergies and the child’s Epi-pen in the plastic bag of
medications. Please also make sure nothing is expired.

4. Anything else you think I should be aware of about your child. I know
you probably included it on your health history, but please write it down
for me one more time.

*I have to add one thing- if your child has special dietary needs I will
try to make everyone aware of her allergies, but I do not prepare the food.
If she needs special replacement food, please talk to the kitchen staff. I
can keep extra snacks for her in the nurse’s station- but it is your
child’s responsibility to come get their snacks when they are hungry.

Thank you and I hope we have a great summer!

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