The days following camp closing are very… quiet. Being campsick is this weird phenomenon where you go from playing, swimming, running, and singing fifteen hours of the day to doing absolutely nothing. For most, the next three to four days are spent sleeping 12+ hours and napping because you’re not ready to give up that daily designated nap time. Campsickness symptoms also include pouting, staring aimlessly at a wall while daydreaming about camp, and laughing by yourself as you tell non-camp friends stories of camp.

In order to get over your campsickness here’s some things you can do to help.

  1. Review camp pictures. Our photographers are the best and spent hours editing these gems just for you. Don’t worry, there’s close to 400 pictures a day to go through. Login to your CampInTouch account here to view:
  2. Watch our Heart O’ the Matter videos. A little bit of every day packed into an adorable video filmed by your friends. Our YouTube Channel can be viewed here:
  3. Practice writing letters by having a pen pal with a camp friend. Write your big or little tribe sister, your best friend, or even your cabin counselor. Need their address? Contact us and we’ll get it to you.
  4. Follow us on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter for our latest updates and tag us in your favorite camp moments with #hohcamp.
  5. Join us for our 2015 Summer Movie Premiere nights! Come bring your friends and family and receive your Summer 2015 DVD earlier than anyone else. Catch up with your camp friends and visit with us on what you’re up to during the year.
  6. Wear your cute new Heart clothes and tag us on social media! #wackyheartwednesday
  7. Sign up for next year! Let the count down begin! 291 days til 1st Term, 304 days til 1B, 325 days til 2nd Term, and 338 days til 2B! #cantwait

Missing you at the Heart,


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