Birthdays at Camp

You’re online looking at the dates, trying to select which term to send your daughter. But what do you do if your daughter’s birthday falls during the summer? Send her to camp for her birthday? Have a birthday party at home before or after camp? Not send her to camp during her birthday?

If this is you, not to worry, we’ve got birthdays at camp covered!

A birthday that happens during camp is one to be envious of. Her birthday is announced at morning flag raising and she wears a birthday tiara all day long. At lunch, we present her with her very own birthday cake and the entire camp sings “Happy Birthday” as she blows out her candles. The cake is large enough to feed both her table friends and cabinmates.

Something that can also make a birthday at camp special is sending your daughter’s counselor or cabinmates a surprise box of decorations. Growing up at camp, one of my friend’s mom’s always sent us the box of decorations. We awaited her birthday with excitement as if it were our own. We’d plan the decorating time after she went to sleep and made sure we blew birthday horns the moment she woke up. It entailed for many fun memories, especially the years when silly string was involved. If you’d like, you can leave balloons or presents in the office to be delivered on her birthday. Just remember, no contraband such as candy or technology is allowed.

You’ll also get to speak with your daughter on her birthday if you schedule a phone call with the office.

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