What Being a Camp Counselor Means to Me

Counselors at Heart O’ the Hills come from all walks of life. Typically college aged young women, they are hired based upon their wonderful personalities and unique skill sets. Here are some of our favorite quotes from counselors from this past summer on what it means to be a camp counselor.

“What I truly love about Heart ‘O The Hills Camp is getting to invest into children’s lives to make an impact on them, and to help them grow in character and self-confidence. It’s the songs we sing everyday, the games we play, and the stories we tell. It’s meeting new people from all around the world and the friendships we create. It’s smiling and laughing, a lot! It’s being a shoulder to cry on when things get hard or when home seems so far away. It’s building upon my own character and learning to be a leader. It’s working hard and then working some more. It’s being available 24/7 to your campers and counselors. It’s being flexible when things change and it’s rising to the task when you are needed. It’s the moments when you feel even closer to God and are awed by His creation. It’s being a team and working together, and cheering even when we lose. It’s learning new skills and talents, and being proud of your own accomplishments. It’s the memories we create that we wouldn’t trade for anything in the world. It’s our home away from home.” Tessa M, 2014-2015 Heart Counselor

What do you feel are the strong points in the philosophy emphasized at Heart O’ the Hills?

“Friendship! Teaching girls to accept each other as they are, and that we are all equal here. There are no judgments.”

“I love that the Heart is a place where girls gain confidence and manners. A place where leadership skills are honed and opportunity is given.”

“The focus of friendship is a definite strength in Heart’s philosophy. The bonds between the girls and their desire to always help and support each other is inspiring.”

What traditions have become special to you?

“I love all of the traditions here at HOH. Here, girls are taught how to be better people by having such good role models – KEEP ALL THE TRADITIONS!”

“I love Sundays. It’s the best day to bond with your kids and relax. Counselor tribe hill is the best evening of the term to get an insight into the tribes.”

“Counselor tribe hill, tribes in general, and the memory of Jo Jones and warm fuzzies!”

The greatest gift a young woman can give is the gift of time. A Heart counselor dedicates her summer spending every moment with young girls. They teach uncommon skills that they are trained in, oversee the general health and well being of campers, and become the ultimate heroine. Everything they do and say is absorbed by little eyes and ears. They encourage, support, challenge, and love on each girl individually. There are moments of laughter and joy, and moments of sorrow and tears where personal growth abounds. Friendship in its most raw form blossoms and guides Heart girls through life.

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