HeartLITes (Leader-in-Training) at camp are girls that are too old to be campers but not quite old enough to be counselors. It gives former campers the opportunity to see the behind the scenes of camp without growing up too quickly. As a volunteer position, it is designed to prepare them to be counselors in the future. They assist counselors in teaching class activities, serve meals, sort mail, and help in the office. HeartLITes also have their own HeartLITe period in which the Head Staff teaches them about real life experiences such as applying for college, how to be an effective leader, and essential communication skills.

Here’s what some of our HeartLITes said about their experience this past summer and the benefits of being a HeartLITe.

What did being a HeartLITe mean to you?

Being a HeartLITe showed me the value of service. A lot of work we do goes without recognition, yet it is necessary to the functioning of camp. Seeing the girls have so much fun and enjoy and appreciate the things we help put in place is more than worth it.” -Katy R

What was your favorite experience this summer?

“My favorite experience this summer was being able to get closer with all the other HeartLITes. Being able to all be part of the Heart Tribe, and living together without a counselor gave us more chances to work together. Our schedules were also very similar, and we were either all in the cabin at the same time, or working together on the same project, which allowed us to get closer and learn more about each other. Not having a counselor in the cabin brought us closer as a group because we depended on each other to function as a group, instead of relying on a counselor.” – Sophia B 

What is something you learned this summer while being a HeartLITe?

“This summer, I learned to always find the positive outlook in a situation. I learned one can create amazing memories, while being productive and helpful.” -Bailey H

Are you interested in returning as a Counselor? How did being a HeartLITe impact that decision?

“Yes, I am interested in coming back as a counselor. Being a HeartLIte impacted my decision by allowing me to see the complete opposite side of camp from a campers perspective. I have always loved camp, and being a HeartLITe got me so excited to be a counselor because I got the opportunity to watch and learn from so many amazing counselors how to make an impact in other’s lives.” -Sam T

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