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Forms and Documents

Hello Heart families!

As we get closer to camp, it is time to start getting your forms submitted for the summer. The following forms and documents must be reviewed and filled out for your camper to come and participate in all the camp activities. Some forms are required, while others provide important information.

To log on and see the forms: go to our home page, scroll down and on the right, there is a prominent  box that says, “CampInTouch Login”. Click on that, and enter your email and password (the one you set up while registering your camper for the summer). It will take you to a welcome page, and from here you will be able to access everything you need to prepare for the summer. This will also be the place to stay connected with us during your camper’s stay at The Heart.

Forms and DocumentsAt the top of the page is your Forms Dashboard with “Forms and Documents”. Clicking on that will take you to a list of the forms we will need from you by the time your camper arrives. Don’t worry, they aren’t as time-consuming as you might imagine! We will send automatically generated reminders as the deadline approaches.

  • Health-related forms (all information submitted on these forms is confidential with our nurses and the director)
    • Health History: A form you fill out online regarding your camper’s health history, including your camper’s medications (if any).
    • Parent Authorization:  A form you print, then complete by providing a copy of your insurance card, and signing the bottom authorizing us to give care to your camper.**
    • Physician’s Authorization:  A form you print and have your camper’s physician complete and sign.  Either you or your physician can fax the form.**
    • Immunization Form:  A form you print and have your camper’s physician’s office complete. If your physician’s office provides you with your camper’s current immunization information on their form, you may send that, using our form as a cover sheet.**
    • Mental, Emotional, and Social Health History: If any of the questions are answered yes, please have the attending doctor fill out and sign.**

** Upload completed forms or fax them WITHOUT A COVER SHEET to 1-866-361-0116. The forms are bar-coded with your camper’s name ensuring they will be uploaded to her account.

  • Other Important Forms
    • Activity Preference Form – To help us gauge camper interest in the activities we hope to offer, please help your camper select the 12 activities that most interest her for this summer. This is not a commitment on her part, nor is this intended to serve as a final schedule. It is a planning tool so that we will know how many time slots to offer each activity. Campers 6-10 will have their schedules made for them based on these choices, but will be able to make changes if it’s not what they had in mind; campers 11-16 will register for their own activities after arrival here.
    • Additional Options Form – New considerations have come up with our system of all-inclusive tuition. Here are the details of optional services that you may choose to participate in. **
      • Linen service: Campers should come to camp with pillow, comforter or blanket, and sleeping bag (for movie nights and overnight campout). We will provide linen service for those campers who request it. The service includes top and bottom sheets and pillow case each week. The cost is included in tuition, but linens must be reserved ahead of time.
      • Towel rental: We offer towel rental for campers who are traveling from overseas and are able to bring only minimal luggage. This rental will include five bath towels per week
        • Split Term, $17.08 (includes tax)
        • Regular Term, $34.16 (includes tax)
      • Hunter Education: Thanks to hunter education, hunting is safe and getting safer! Texas Parks and Wildlife has developed a program of hunter safety education for all hunters ages 55 and younger. The course covers the skills, regulations and responsibilities of hunting, wildlife conservation and the outdoors. This class will be taught by Monique, a certified Hunter Education Instructor, and your camper will leave with her Texas Hunter Education Card. The fee for this class is $25. Reservations must be made before camp begins. Available for campers 7th grade and up.
      • Trading Post Account Funds
        • While the tuition includes all of a camper’s needs, you may wish to put additional monies on account for your camper to be able to make purchases while here. The Trading Post carries water bottles, postcards, and a few other items. We do not sell any drinks, candy or food. Some convenience items, such as toiletries, batteries, stationery, stamps and envelopes are available. Inexpensive jewelry is sold in “Jane’s Jewelry Shop”.
        • During camp, if a camper needs an item, she fills out an In-Camp Order Form and submits it. Orders are fulfilled through the camp mail. We will also open the Trading Post once a week for campers to shop.
        • How can I put money into my camper’s account while she is at camp?
          • Pay online using the “View Trading Post Account” link on CampInTouch, OR
          • Bring cash, check or credit card to the office on the first day of camp.
        • How much should I put on my camper’s account?
          • We recommend no more than $100.00 be put on your camper’s account.
          • Any amount not used will be refunded to you after the term ends.
        • The Trading Post sells Heart O’ the Hills T-shirts, shorts, sweatshirts, and other items for camp, and we recommend that these be purchased separately before the term starts. The What to Wear/What To Bring form is a list of what we recommend bringing. The Trading Post is available online.
        • Please do not send cash with your camper.
    • Camper Profile Form: These are questions to help the tepee counselor get to know your camper, her interests and needs, so all information shared here will be passed along.
    • Camper Tenure Form: This form confirms for us the number of terms your camper has attended The Heart, so that we can organize the tenure awards.
    • Claim a Flag: We are proud of our diversity, and display the flags of all the countries represented. Let us know if there is a flag you would like to claim.
    • Tepee Request Form: We make every effort to accommodate tepee requests, although we do not promise. Please complete with one or two friends your camper would like to share a cabin with. If your camper does not have a specific request, please enter “none”.
    • Travel Form: Campers may arrive by air, car, or charter bus (Full Term or Split A only). Please let us know the details of your choice.
  • Helpful Documents
    • Abuse Prevention: We train our staff on appropriate behavior, but it is important for families to train their children to understand boundaries and learn these two important eight-word phrases.
    • Accommodations and Directions: A list of local places to stay for opening/closing days of camp.
    • What to Pack: A list of things your camper should plan to wear and bring with her to camp.

All forms are due on or before April 25, 2016. If you have any questions during this process, please do not hesitate to call! Monique–

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