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I am beyond excited to announce the tribe sponsors for this summer! These are the people who spend countless hours devoting themselves to the Shawnee and Pawnee tribes, and therefore are an integral part of your campers’ summer experience. I have every faith that these ladies are going to do an incredible job, so without further ado, I give you the sponsors of 2016! <3 Laura


First Term:


Ashlyn McKenzie


Hi Campers and Parents! I cannot tell you how incredibly excited I am to be one of your Pawnee sponsors for First Term this coming summer. With my amazing co-sponsor I know we can make this summer an amazing one for all of the girls!


Maria De la Concha


Hi campers!!! Guess who is going to be one of your 1st term Pawnee Sponsor… ME!!! (ahhh!!) I can’t even express how excited I am to share so many traditions and new experiences with y’all!! I’m sure this is going to be the BEST summer of our lives, so prepare yourselves for a hurricane of emotions, fun, cheers and excitement, because I definitely am!!!! See y’all in 51 days!!!! YAAAY!! Love, Maria <3



Phoebe Frank


Jumping for joy because I’m a sponsor!!


Brianna Kelly


I’m jumping for joy (literally!!) about being the 2016 Shawnee sponsor! I am so excited to help lead the Shawnee tribe and to have a fantastic term back at the Heart! I can’t wait!


Second Term:


Sherilyn Hardy


Hello Everyone, I am SO excited to be the second term 2016 Pawnee Sponsor! I look forward to spending this summer with every single one of you! I can’t wait to share my love for the tribe with all of you! Get ready for one of the most AMAZING summer’s ever. Camp is right around the corner so get excited Pawnees! I’m smiling from ear to ear and counting down the days. See you soon!


Michelle Moore


I was on the road to Disneyland when I got the call that I was going to be a Pawnee sponsor and I screamed so loud I scared the driver! I’m ecstatic to finally get to be with my Pawnee sisters again and this is going to be the BEST summer ever! Thumbs up girls, because this Pawnee smile isn’t going to go away! -With love, Michie


Rebecca Bendheim


I got the super Shawnee spirit…and I can finally show it!!! The scream I screamed when Laura told me I get to be 2nd term 2016 Shawnee sponsor is only the beginning. I am more than ecstatic to be coming back to camp, Tribe Hill, the river, and most of all, all you super Shawnees. I’m 26-ing so hard right now because there’s only three months to go!


Jordan Kadjar


Howdy all you Great Green Shawnees and True Blue Pawnees! I’m so beyond excited to be a Shawnee Sponsor for 2nd Term 2016! I love camp with all my heart and cannot wait to make this term an amazing one. I’ll be counting down the days!

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