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And so the Adventure Continues

HOH  office staff 2016-17If you had the chance to see my blog, you already know how crazy busy we are in the “off season”–but you may not realize just how small our staff is all winter. We have Laura Gallagher *present* about half the year, and we have Karen Jackson about half time each week. Then you have Monique Rode and me. We always *want* to do way more than we can actually accomplish. So we have convinced Fallon Parnell to join our ranks of worker bees for the off-season preparation for Summer ’17–and hopefully beyond! So if you hear a new voice on this end of the phone that has more of a Texas twang than a Scottish burr, you have Fallon on the line!

Hey y’all *Insert twang*,

When your campers become HeartLITes My name is Fallon Parnell and I am now full-time at The Heart! Some of you may know me from previous summers where I was a general counselor or from this past summer as I served as the Assistant Program Director and now will continue to do so year-round! A little about myself: I am a graduate from Sam Houston State University in Huntsville, TX but am originally from small-town-Texas also known as Centerville, TX. (If you don’t know where that is, don’t worry neither do most GPS systems) My journey to The Heart started in 2013 where I fell absolutely in love with this place and the campers, of course. From the moment I walked on camp the staff welcomed me with open arms and I have never looked back. While in college I would find myself daydreaming about camp and how I longed to be out near the climbing wall instead of writing my tenth essay that week (English Major problems). When the summer of 2015 came about and I found that in order for me to graduate early, as my mother always planned, I would not be able to attend camp, my heart shattered. I knew my time at this life-changing place wasn’t over and had to find my way back after graduation…and here I am! It's so hard to say goodbye
God has blessed me abundantly with this journey as well as amazing parents that have always believed in me and never once stood in the way of my dreams but always encouraged my wandering heart. I am beyond ecstatic to be able to be part of this team and love all that The Heart stands for in it’s values, relationships, and morals. This is the beginning of something great and I thank all of the campers for showing me what summer camp is really about. Without you this place wouldn’t be what is has become to be: magical. Thank you all for opening this place for me and now allowing me to continue my time with all of you. This year is sure to be a whirlwind and an experience like no other. So, with all my blabbering out of the way there is just one last thing to say: And so the adventure continues. ❤




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