Heart O' the Hills Summer Camp for Girls

Heart LITe: dirty Jobs of leaders-in-training

So you wanna be a Heart Leader-in-training?

Congratulations, you just picked the dirtiest job at camp! No worries, it’s also extremely rewarding.

Heart LITes are the early birds and night owls. Basically, they keep camp running behind the scenes. And they’re a counselor’s best friend on nights off.

Heart O' the Hills Summer Camp for Girls

HeartLITes <3

Not only do Heart LITes have the drudge work, they also reap the benefits at the end of the summer. Let’s talk about the up side of this daunting work:

  1. It looks incredible on a college resume.
  2. You practice being responsible for yourself–and others.
  3. You can earn Junior Counselor status (puts you on the pay scale along with new counselors finishing their freshman year of college).
  4. You test your grit and show just how capable you truly are.
  5. You see what counselor life is like and the responsibilities that come with it.
  6. Because you are a volunteer, you gain community service hours.
  7. You learn what you can endure through the tests that Midgets put you through!
  8. You experience adulting in a very real way.
  9. You finally understand how the magic is made at camp.
  10. You gain friendships and bonds you never dreamed of.

These 10 things are only small insights on what being a Heart LITe does for you. They are mostly intangible, but there is one benefit that puts money in the bank (yes, real money). Girls who finish just one term as a LITe receive a significant salary increase in every term at camp thereafter.

Yes, you get the dirty jobs. Sorting mail, office work, inspections, teach classes, set up for meals, distribute snacks, watch over campers, be the first awake and the last to hit the hay.

That’s all in one day.

Being a LITe means so much more than the fact that it enhances your resume; it helps you build character and self-respect. You will be tested daily and become a stronger person.

If you’re up for the challenge, then head on over to our website and apply today!

Heart O' the Hills Summer Camp for Girls

Dancing Fun!

Not only will you be the most hardworking on camp, you will also be the most loved and appreciated.

Come Heart LITe with us because camp just isn’t camp without you.




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