Heart O' the Hills Summer Camp for Girls

13 Reasons why you should give camp a try

Summer camp is a place unlike any other.  

From the days under the sun, spending weeks on end with your best friends, blobbing in the river and exploring the beauty that God has created, the reasons on why every kid should attend summer camp is endless. But trust me, I promise not to make my list that long. <3


Summer camp, believe it or not, is surrounded by this stuff. From the budding flowers, flowing river and lively bright blue sky that surrounds it, there isn’t an inch of nature that isn’t glorious. At camp you are free to explore these creations and take in their honest beauty.

Heart O' the Hills Summer Camp for Girls

There’s no place like summer camp! <3


Oh man, it’s everywhere. The moment your feet hit the floor to the time you’re crawling back into bed, adventure is around every corner at summer camp. In each craft, hike, or archery lesson the excitement of something new and exhilarating will keep your blood pumping and wanting more!


Ok, so maybe this one was a given but it still counts. At summer camp you are able to bond with people you would probably never meet anywhere else. You’ve all come together at this one place and you will share each experience alongside one another. Bonds will form that cannot be broken and stay with you throughout the course of life.

Trying new things

Scary, yes I know. Nobody wants to taste the odd little green shaped tree on their plate or swim in the same river as the fish, but hey, that’s part of the summer camp adventure and who knows, you might end up loving those little green trees and swim class after all.

Heart O' the Hills Summer Camp for Girls

Jumping in the river!! <3


Leave the cell phone and iPad at home, you won’t need them at camp. Here out in the sticks we rely on face-to-face communication with one another and we genuinely enjoy it! We want to help you build on social skills and your abilities to successfully communicate with one another without using social media!

Life Lessons

Each day is a learning experience and life lessons can be found in every inch that is summer camp. From how to resolve a conflict with your bunk mate or trying to understand exactly why you didn’t make the dodgeball team, these lessons are imperative and will build your character.


Stick with me on this one.

When I say “growth” I don’t mean you’ll be 4 inches taller at the end of the summer (though not impossible) but I simply mean in yourself. The person that walked into camp on that sunny June day will not be the same one that is leaving at the end of the term. You will learn more about yourself at camp than anywhere else.


The amazing role models that will mold your life. The young lady that will have you up at 7:35 every morning along with your other cabin mates. The one who will be your confidant, teacher, guide, friend, big sister, and ultimately a parents’ saving grace during the summer days.  These people will be by your side for every problem, celebration, stressful or exciting moment that you will experience at camp. They will be the person to lean on when you need that sincere advice or quick laugh. They are here to make your experience a fantastic one and they always do the job with grace and chipped nails.

Heart O' the Hills Summer Camp for Girls

Camp friends are our favorite!!! <3


Yes, summer camp is tons of fun. Pizza nights, talent shows, friendship bracelets, canoeing, rock climbing, glitter in every inch of your trunk, non-stop laughter with your best friends, and ice cream parties. There is no better place to depicts the true definition of fun.


Moments and people that you will never forget, that’s what summer camp boils down to. There will always be something that triggers your mind back to the cheers of Opening Day or the giggles you shared with your friends during movie nights under the stars. It’s inevitable.


Come as you are. Own who you are. Be you.

Summer camp only wants you in your truest form. Never be afraid to be yourself because at camp we’re all a little odd and that makes the experience even more beautiful. Never hide who you really are; never be ashamed to show your true colors. We will love you as you are.

Heart O' the Hills Summer Camp for Girls

We love camp!! <3


Again, stay with me.

Overall, every kid should experience summer camp at least once in their life.

The cheers on field days, songs in the dining hall, competition between tribes, extended siestas, s’mores, starry nights, handwritten letters from home, unplugging from the outside world, and exploring life in a new light every single day.

Summer camp is captivating and every child deserves to experience that once-in-a-lifetime magic.


There’s no place like home and there’s certainly no place like camp.

After your first summer you will yearn for more because camp isn’t camp, it’s home. Those red gates and creaky bunk beds are what make you feel safest in the world. You can’t explain it to the people who’ve never been to camp but you’ll try to help them understand until you’re blue in the face.

If there is one single reason on earth why every kid should give summer camp a try, it’s this:

When at camp, you will always feel at home.

Lots of love,

Fal <3

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