Heart O' the Hills Summer Camp for Girls

We’ve got some news for you…!

We know you’ve been chomping at the bit to know Field Day themes for 2017 and just so you know, we’re really excited to tell you! We’ve also got our Head O’ Field Sports for the summer and we are over the moon to

Heart O' the Hills Summer Camp for Girls

Trolls Field Day!!

have her with us, so without any more delay….HERE WE GO!!



First Field Day this year will be…..TROLLS! Get out your colorful clothes, wigs, and anything that sparkles! This Field Day will possibly be the most colorful one yet and we are so excited! We have taken inspiration from the newly released Trolls movie, so if you’re needing inspiration that’s the best place to get it!



Okay, are we ready for running Field Day? Second Field Day is…Racing to the Rhythm: A Music Lovin’ Field Day! Get ready to two-step, hand-jive, and any other dance move you can think of! We are celebrating every type of music with this theme! Dress as your favorite band, genre, or just simply wear your favorite artist on a T-shirt! Embrace the music life and get ready to run away into the music!



Heart O' the Hills Summer Camp for Girls

Music Lovin’ Field Day!

Now that we have our Field Day themes, let’s introduce the young lady who will be organizing these fun days as well as anything Field Sports related.

Introducing your 2017 Head O’ Field Sports: Caitlin Chadwick <3


My name is Caitlin Chadwick and this summer I will be Head O’ Field Sports at The Heart! I am so excited to be returning for my third summer and this amazing new challenge!! I am a military child so have grown up all over the UK and Germany which meant I was lucky enough to go to a boarding school from the age of seven (so I completely understand homesickness). I love all thing adventurous and have spent time trekking, canoeing and doing conservation projects in the Belizean jungle.

Heart O' the Hills Summer Camp for Girls

Head O’ Field Sports: Caitlin Chadwick!! <3

This summer is going to be AWESOME for everyone and I can’t wait to be a part of the girls’ summer. I want to continue with all the great work that has been achieved in Field Sports previously and I hope to make it an activity that all the girls love and enjoying taking part in. I hope you are all as excited as I am for camp and can’t wait to see you all when those gates open!!!!

Love Caitlin <3

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