We’re 100 days away!!

Well y’all, we’re 100 days from camp!!

That’s right, 100 DAYS!

Can you believe it? Here in the office we are giddy with excitement, we just can’t contain ourselves!

With camp being this close we are in hyper speed getting everything ready for Opening Day. From Carnival, Field Days, Vespers, hiring our last few counselors, and making sure that everything and everyone is prepared for Orientation and beyond…..we’re ready, y’all.

Heart O' the Hills Summer Camp for Girls

100 Days from camp, we’re ready!!! <3

Let’s get this summer started.

Now, let’s talk themes:

Carnival this year will be….MOANA! We are exceptionally thrilled for this year’s theme and ready to embrace the Polynesian culture that is Moana. So, grab your favorite Moana garb and put a flower in your hair, we’ll be riding the waves all the way into carnival!!

Field Days as most of you know are Trolls and Music Lovin’ Field Day! We want you to embrace every musical note and sparkly wig you can fathom for these field days! We can’t wait to see all of your costumes!!

Stewart Dance (which will be at Heart 1st Term, Stewart 2nd Term) will be Hawaiian themed! Grab your grass skirts and leis; we’ll be limboing into the night with our favorite brother camp! <3

Now Vespers songs…….wait, oh you thought I was gonna tell you? Sorry folks, you’ll have to wait until camp for those but just know we’re hard at work nailing down the perfect songs for you!

Now, don’t forget the 14th and 25th are rather special days on camp! Valentine’s Day and Christmas, of course! Make sure you pack some gear to support your favorite holidays as we will celebrate them all day long!

To see what you will be doing at camp here are some dates:

First Term 1A: Stewart Dance (@ Heart), Trolls Field Day, Valentine’s Day, Overnight and Carnival

First Term 1B: Pawnee Vespers, Bro/Sis Picnic, Talent Show, Music Lovin’ Field Day, Christmas, Shawnee Vespers and Bonanza Extravaganza

Second Term 2A: Carnival, Valentine’s Day, Stewart Dance (@ Stewart), Trolls Field Day and Overnight

Second Term 2B: Shawnee Vespers, Bro/Sis Picnic, Music Lovin’ Field Day, Christmas, Pawnee Vespers and Bonanza Extravaganza

These aren’t all the events happening this summer, but these are the ones where you may want to pack an extra costume or make sure your sleeping bag makes it into your trunk. We just wanted to give you a heads up and the program calendar will be making it’s debut soon!

Heart O' the Hills Summer Camp for Girls

Did we mention we’re only 100 days from camp??

Now y’all, let me tell you something. As much as I love living here year round, camp is a heck of a lot different when you aren’t here, so please hurry home.

Camp isn’t camp without our campers.

Also, LG has put together an amazing summer and staff for you; we can’t wait for you to experience it! She has gone above and beyond to make sure that this summer is one for the books, so we’re pretty stoked for it to start!

Remember, just 100 days until those red gates open up! We can’t wait for you to come home! <3 


Lots of love,

Fal <3

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