Heart O' the Hills Summer Camp for Girls

My inspiration

I was tasked with thinking about where I get my inspiration for camp. I quickly realized I could go on and on forever about every little thing that inspires me but I’ll keep my list short.

Bobbie Richard: My Camp Inspiration

  1. My creative and talented mother!
  2. Reading books on anything from creativity to self-growth.
  3. My inspiration comes from watching campers blossom while making new friends and finding new interests.
  4. Browsing through Etsy
  5. Spending hours on StumbleUpon blogs
  6. The smell of coffee!
  7. People who can take really amazing pictures and then make them even better with photo editing are my inspiration.
  8. Pandora, and how it always knows what I want to hear! How does it do that?
  9. Anyone who can find the silver lining in a tough situation, and this happens a lot at camp. Even when the tough situation is not as tough as the little camper believes. Finding that silver lining is an inspiring life skill!My Inspiration
  10. The amazing women who have entered my life through The Heart over the years.
  11. Great quotes from authors both known and unknown.
  12. Random links posted on social networking sites for me to click on add to my inspiration!
  13. Everything about Jane Ragsdale
  14. Scrapbooking the photos taken throughout the month. It’s inspiring to look back and realize all the accomplishments and beautiful things that my job entails.
  15. Documentaries that are both interesting and informative
  16. My inspiration comes from Sundays on the Guadalupe
  17. Learning new skills and doing something I haven’t before
  18. Pinterest pins for days (so many fun ideas for camp)!
  19. Long conversations with strangers doing something good
  20. Anything that manages to actually make me laugh out loud
  21. Seeing people use new and creative ways of doing the things that we do every day
  22. Articles that show specific changing marketing trends
  23. Trying to cook something new and having it come out exactly right
  24. Hearing about the memories of campers past are a big part of my inspiration!
  25. Watching a plan come together
  26. Collaborative projects with cool creative people


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