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Heart O' the Hills Summer Camp for Girls

Camp is officially underway!


Opening Day has come and gone just like that.

Can you believe it!?

Opening Ceremonies brought new Shawnees and Pawnees into their tribes, causing sisterhoods to cultivate and grow!

The past couple days have been wonderful having the girls back at camp! The hills are alive with tribe love, the sun shines a tad bit brighter, and camp FINALLY feels like camp again.

Heart O' the Hills Summer Camp for Girls

Tribe Pride <3

The girls are shaking and moving about each day going to classes and learning new things, while the staff is up and around making sure they learn as much as possible; having the best time doing it!

During the off-season we wait forever (or that’s how it feels) for the girls to get here and camp to get underway. The fact that is officially here is extremely surreal. The laughs and giggles that fill the big field and the decorations that fill the tepees makes it all come together.

Camp is here. It’s really here. 

We are so excited that things are getting off to a great start for 2017 and we cannot wait to see what the rest of the summer will hold!

We crowned our new Chieftains, as well. Shawnee, Mimi C. and Pawnee, Carrie C. were chosen among their peers to lead their tribes throughout First Term and we’re positive they will do amazing things! We know they are over the moon, their smiles and giddiness told us so!

With the sun in the sky and the ripples in the water, we’re certain that this summer will be one for the books and we are ready to take it on with all the girls!

So hold tight, we’re off on another summer adventure…<3


Lots of love,


Fal <3


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