Heart O' the Hills Summer Camp

Into The Woods: A Camping We Will Go

On a special night in the heart of Texas, Heart O’ the Hills campers prepare for a unique experience – overnight!  Overnight is when campers gather and spend the night gazing at the Texas sky while making memories that will last a lifetime.  As many of you may be thinking overnight is equivalent to camping outside.

How does Overnight Work at HOH?

Overnight doesn’t begin until after siesta, a rest period that’s encouraged for sleeping. Campers then begin packing sleeping bags and flashlights for their night away from the tepee. Each age division is separated and assigned to a campground ranging from the tree house located near the Guadalupe River to Garner State Park.

Heart O' the Hills Summer Camp

S’mores at Overnight

The campers prepare for a campfire dinner which includes hobo packs. This is the perfect time for campers to not only create and cook dinner but also learn wilderness survival skills that can be used throughout life. As dusk falls, counselors prepare the fire pit. The fire pit is one of the all time overnight favorites because it signifies that S’mores are on the way. To see which cabin will go first in making S’Mores,  campers create and recite cheers about S’Mores and the best chant wins.

Of course there are campers who are afraid to sleep outside. At The Heart our top priority is our campers. So that is why our counselors and staff take precaution to ensure that every camper feels safe and secure. Counselors place heavy duty tarps underneath the sleeping bags and bug repellent around the perimeter.  The night is ended by singing camps songs once all campers and counselors are inside their sleeping bags.


Heart O' the Hills Summer Camp


Falling asleep under the Texas sky is usually the part that’s remembered a lifetime.  InTheSky.org has outlined the constellations that your camper will more than likely see during overnight. Be sure to visit Camp Intouch to see all the photos from this unique overnight experience.

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