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Dear New Campers: You Have a Friend In Me

Dear New Campers,

Camp is a safe environment. You don’t have to hide your personality at Heart O’ the Hills. You can be silly or crazy. There is no need to be shy or quiet because no one will judge you. So don’t be nervous to come to camp. It’s a great place to open yourself up and be whoever you want to be. You can be sweet, kind, silly or outgoing everyday.Heart O' the Hills Camp

If you are scared you will not have any friends at camp, don’t worry. Everyone is your friend at camp. Even though you are not here yet, you already have friends, because at The Heart we are all sisters.

Your counselors, head staff, cabin mates or just campers will always be here for you. You can tell one or all of them your problems and they will help you. Talking and mingling is a great way to connect at camp or any other place for that matter. If you see a group of girls talking and you have time to spare, sit and get to know them.  They all could become your lifelong friends, you never know.

I know you may feel afraid talking to new people. It’s okay we all feel that way at first. You should use your girl confidence and strength to talk to other girls and make friends.  Camp is an amazing experience so be comfortable.

Knowing people helps make your camp experience more awesome.

– Mia M.

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