Keeping Your Child Active at Camp

At Heart O’ the Hills, keeping your camper active is what we do! We pride ourselves on detaching campers from the screens that they are exposed to throughout the school year and put them back out in the fresh air. All the campers at The Heart participate in a 45 minute Field Sports class every other day, a swim class every day and numerous physical activities that they can sign up for.

As Head O’ Field Sports, I am in charge of making sure that the girls are engaged and challenged in their Field Sports classes. We focus on teaching campers life skills other than being the fastest and strongest.

The qualities that we build on in Field Sports are team work, compassion and sportsmanship.

We create an encouraging and motivating atmosphere in classes by catering to all skill levels involved. We do this by building on the skills learned in previous classes and then adding another more demanding one. For example with the younger girls we start by teaching them crate ball, a simplified version of kickball. Then once they have mastered crate ball we move on to kickball and then finally on to matball.

We also encourage healthy competition for girls in the form of Field Days. Our first field day gives us the opportunity to earn points for their tribes by in fun and wacky games such as hungry hippos and water
buckets. Our second field day is altogether more competitive due to the more dir

ect nature of it being a running field day. The field days engage the girls as it gives them goals to work towards in class throughout the term.

Our busy schedule at The Heart keeps the girls on the move from 7:35 a.m. to 10 p.m. every day. The schedule consists of campers always on the move, whether it’s dodgeball, canoe, soccer class or running between activities.

-Cailtin C.

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