This is a Repeat After Me Song!

Singing songs at The Heart - Heart O' the Hills Camp for Girls

We sing often and we sing loud!

At Heart O’ the Hills Camp for Girls, singing songs is an essential part of our camp tradition. Campers sing songs daily in the dining hall after lunch and dinner. Although participation is not mandatory, it’s very rare to find a camper not willingly singing along!

At camp, we sing songs that are fun, upbeat, loud, hilarious, harmonious, or inspiring. Most of all, the songs are easy to sing and very catchy. While most of the songs we sing have been around for years, alumnae often remark on how they have changed “just a bit” as the years go on.

This summer, repeat after me songs were by far the most popular among campers and counselors. Here’s an inside look of Heart Girls singing Princess Pat in the dining hall.

Want to check out our virtual songbook? Check it out on our website here!

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  1. Thank you so much for sharing all of these songs! We sing them all year long!!

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