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3 Life Skills Lessons Your Camper Practiced This Summer

Parents and guardians make the decision to send their most precious cargo for a month to a special place deep in The Heart of Texas. Many caretakers are often shocked that the girl they picked up on closing wasn’t the same one they dropped off on opening day. While at camp, she has gotten taller, learned new skills and developed a deeper sense of confidence. Each camper has a unique experience but the lessons are often similar. Here are three life skills your camper practiced this summer:

Basic table manners

Many of you may read this and think my child is already knowledgeable of table manners. At The Heart, we not only teach or remind campers about table manners but we actively practice them. Campers love to be inspectors and spot when someone isn’t following Ms. Manners’ rules of dining. An example would be when someone is caught eating with their elbows on the table. Everyone starts singing “get your elbows off the table (Insert Name).” It’s not as embarrassing as it sounds. You can even find individuals with their elbows on table wanting to get caught.

Getting comfortable with discomfort

When going to a new place or trying a new activity, it can sometimes be nerve-wracking and unsettling. At camp, campers are often faced with stepping outside of their comfort zone. First-time campers are often nervous about being away from family, while veteran campers may be a little uneasy about trying out for war canoe or joining a new activity team. However, the positive atmosphere of The Heart, encouragement from counselors and association with other positive campers make the uncomfortable feel a bit more comfortable. After all, a ship is safe in harbor, but that’s not what it’s built for!

Compliment at least one person every day

Everyone likes to receive compliments, whether it’s on appearance or a pat on the back for trying a new skill.

When you think of happy, you often think of Heart O’ the Hills (or at least I do). When you compliment people, it makes them feel good and you too. Each division has a Health and Happiness chart with a section titled “consideration for others.” Each day the camper must complete the section and it serves as the time to offer a sincere compliment to someone else. What a great habit!

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