My Heart Story – Josephine W.

Editor’s Note: We could tell you how amazing Heart O’ the Hills Summer Camp for Girls is, but that would be no fun. So we asked our Heart Campers to share their experience about camp.  Periodically we will post a camper’s “Heart Story”. We hope you enjoy reading how camp makes a difference in girls’ lives every day.

Today’s story is from 9 year camper, Josephine W. Here’s Josephine:

Wilson, Josephine - My Heart Story“During my nine years at camp, I have made amazing friends who are all hilarious, supportive and all-around amazing people. Camp has introduced me to so many cool experiences. To me, camp is one of the few places where you can truly be yourself without fear of being judged. Everyone here is so supportive of everything you do. There are always a few dozen people to talk to and shoulders to cry on. Heart O’ the Hills is full of amazing people and experiences, which is why I love it here!”

If you would like to share your Heart Story send it via Facebook messenger. We can’t wait to read it!

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