What Camp Can Teach us About Life

Sweet Camper swimming in the GuadalupeEvery day at camp there are always life lessons to be learned. Whether it be an advancement in archery, a new level reached in swim class or even a wonky shaped pot put together in pottery, there’s always new skills to learn at camp! Along with all these super duper new skills learned here at The Heart, there is so much more to learn here at camp.


Let’s take your first ever opening day at camp. You’re surrounded by a group of total strangers, and as families head out, the realization of a month without them sets in. What emotions are felt? Excitement? Nerves? Probably a mix! So, the first lesson to learn at camp is independence, and that comes in so many forms, whether it’s the classes you take, the teams you try out for, or simply just overcoming homesickness to power on through. Here at The Heart we foster strong and powerful women on a daily basis!

Putting down the phone

Camp is the best place to appreciate the Earth we live on. Disconnecting from technology and connecting with the people around you in the most beautiful surroundings really provide a much-needed reset for people.  When I speak to parents following the summer, one prominent response to a camper’s summer is that they grow so much, not just in height, but in self-sufficiency. It’s perhaps the simplest of tasks, but having to make your bed and take responsibility for your belongings at camp greatly increases the independence of our campers. Being accountable for getting yourself from A to B, and on time too, contribute to self-reliance, and are great to learn now, well before all of those college years.

Love others and yourself

Perhaps the greatest life lesson to learn at camp is to love your neighbor, and love yourself with you whole heart. One thing that always strikes me at camp is that you never know the battles that others are struggling with. There are so many different personalities on camp, but every soul here has a connection. Friends at camp!We are all here to experience and give to others the summer of a lifetime. The sisterhood of The Heart is a bond that can never be broken. No matter how you’re feeling, there’s always someone around to try to turn that frown upside down. And you might even find that you’re that person trying to make someone’s day!

Your time at The Heart is special and sacred. It’s a time to learn about yourself and other people around you. Above all, it’s the perfect place to remember that life is beautiful, and so are you and the people around you!

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