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Spot’s Guide to Attending Camp

Spot Wagstail: Heart O' the Hills Camp DogEditor’s Note: Spot has been at The Heart for 11 summers, and she has learned a thing or two about how to succeed at camp! Spot is quick to make friends, and likes to show people around. She even writes an advice column in  our weekly summer news magazine, The Heart Beat. Despite the fact that she lives on the premises, there is a clear distinction between “off-season” and “camp” behavior. In the off season, Spot is very much attached to the people at home, but once the campers are here, she adopts a cabin to sleep in front of, a tribe to accompany up and down their hill, and even “eats out” rather than risking missing out on something important by being at home. If you have a Facebook page, you can friend Mrs. Spot and see her posts. Here’s what Spot has to say about attending camp:

  • Always start your day with war canoe. Getting right into the jumping jacks, push-ups and a Guadalupe plunge is just the right way to approach every day!
  • Run as fast as you can toward groups of people who are cheering, dancing around, or laughing loudly. It’s always the best place to be.
    Spot is a good listener

    Spot is a good listener

  • Don’t be shy about walking up to someone and asking for a little attention. A cold nose to the back of the leg is a good entree.
  • If you hang around at snack time or pizza night, there’s always somebody willing to share theirs with you.
  • When somebody new arrives, just jump to the front and show them the best way to go.
  • Napping is a good thing.
  • Never miss a vespers or a swim meet. It’s where the fun is.
    Spot plays well with others

    Spot plays well with others

  • There are no strangers at camp, just friends you haven’t met yet.
  • When it’s hot or you get dirty, Whale’s Pool offers all the solutions you need.
  • The nine-mile challenge hike isn’t all that bad when you’re in the company of campers and a counselor who knows the way.
  • In movie night, try to find a place where the grass is thick and cool.
  • When you’ve got camp, who needs to go home?!
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