Independence: My Heart Story – Collette T

Indepence: Collette's My Heart Story

New swimming techniques are among Collette’s new skills

Editor’s Note: Learning independence and developing self confidence by mastering new skills are key benefits to attending camp. We could tell you how amazing Heart O’ the Hills Summer Camp for Girls is, but that would be no fun. So we asked our Heart Campers to share their experience about camp.  Periodically we will post a camper’s “Heart Story”. We hope you enjoy reading how camp makes a difference in girls’ lives every day.

Today’s story is from a first-time camper, Collette T, who came from a long distance away to spend just two weeks. Her counselors say she makes friends easily and was willing to take advantage of the opportunities to try new things here at camp. Collette tells us that she found camp to be a pretty safe and welcoming place over all, where she learned that she is capable of doing more than she used to believe.

We could tell you all of this and more, but we like it better when it’s coming from the campers themselves!

Independence: My Heart Story

New camper Collette T quickly developed independence and confidence at camp

Here’s Collette:

“By joining The Heart this year, I have tried many new things like riding a horse, different techniques in swimming, and Mexican dodge ball. Trying all of these new things have showed me that I can be independent. It’s also given me a newfound sense of confidence, especially in field sports which I thought I’d never succeed at. The confidence and independence will allow me to thrive at my new school. By meeting and talking to new campers, I can comfortably make friends and speak publicly for oral presentations.”

If you would like to share your Heart Story send it via Facebook messenger or email. It can be short or longer. We can’t wait to read it!

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