We are so thankful at The Heart and Stewart

Editor’s note: We have so many blessings, large and small, past and present, sprinkled with hopes for the future. These are Kathy’s words, knit together with input from all of us on year-round staff at both Heart O’ the Hills and Camp Stewart. A thankful heart is a happy heart, and our cup overfloweth!


‘Tis the season for THANK YOU’s,

And we have more than a few

As our many, many blessings we review.


We’ve shared some of these before

But they and so very many more

Are deeply felt within our core.


First, a thank you to our God above

Who has showered us abundantly with love

When often what we deserved was a shove!


Thank you to those who valiantly fight and fought

To give us freedom, often dearly bought,

And too often not respected as we ought.


Thank you also to all others who serve

Whether waiter, teacher, counselor or reserve;

They make our life pleasant – one to preserve.


Thank you to our ancestors who had foresight

And set examples of strength and might

Challenging us, their descendants, to seek greater heights.


Thank you to all the parents who do their best

To prepare their beloved children to leave the nest,

Forging forward – as good as the best and better than the rest.


Thank you especially to each camper who enriches our lives,

Regardless of nationality, color or size,

Sharing their growth, laughter and happiness is greatly prized.


Thank you to friends both old and new

Who extend our horizons and comfort us, too

While creating precious memories for priceless review.


Thank you to our children and grandchildren

For they are the future of all we are building,

And can be our teachers, when we try listening.


And a special thank you to Si and all who had a part

In the Ragsdales’ 40 years at Heart

And celebrating half a century at Stewart!




The Ragsdales and all the folks at Stewart & Heart–

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Kathy Ragsdale

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Kathy Ragsdale is the matriarch of Camp Stewart for Boys (and Heart O' the Hills Camp for Girls). For more than 40 years, she has been passionately involved on a daily basis (50-plus at Stewart). She is convinced that if everyone had a summer camp experience the world would function better – especially politically! Kathy has played an integral role in making both camps into top tier summer experiences for children. There’s nothing she likes better than hugs from campers – especially visiting former campers!

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