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Self reliance: My Heart Story – Gwenyth M

Editor’s Note: Camper Gwenyth says that coming to camp has built up her self reliance.


Self reliance is something you must practice to become good at. Until you put it to work, it’s only a concept. Camp is a safe and fun environment for a child to learn that she does have what it takes to fend for herself. Waiting for an adult to speak for you, or ask your questions for you, or anticipate and fill your needs–at some point–must come to an end. A child who can rely on herself not only succeeds early but develops self confidence, too.

We could tell you how amazing Heart O’ the Hills Summer Camp for Girls is, but that would be no fun. So we asked our Heart Campers to share their experience about camp.  Periodically we post a camper’s “Heart Story”. We hope you enjoy reading how camp makes a difference in girls’ lives every day.

Today’s story is from soon-to-be-seven-year camper Gwenyth M. Her counselors say that Gwenyth is fun, energetic and creative. She is bilingual and super inclusive, and says at camp, she can try anything!

Self reliance is one of the skills campers practice while attending camp

Gwenyth is a self reliant teenager

Here’s more from Gwenyth:

I have been going to HOH camp for six years so far. It has been a great help in building my self-reliance. Camp is my second home. The counselors are my moms and the fellow campers are my sisters. But Jane is like the wise, peacekeeping grandmother that keeps us together.

I have learned many things, like being responsible for my own stuff, being on time to activities and being willing to try new foods during mealtime.

Jane recently taught us how to write checks in Life Skills, which is something I was really worried about. She cleared it up for me and I feel more prepared for when I have to write them on my own.

Lastly, I learned how to live away from my parents and have confidence in the fact that I can take care of myself.

If you would like to share your Heart Story send it via Facebook messenger or email. We can’t wait to read it!

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