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3 Months ‘Till Camp

Wow – Time really flies!

Only 3 months until those red gates open and camp officially begins. We’re working extra hard in the office to ensure everything is ready for Opening Day. We’re overjoyed just thinking about it!

To get you ready for fun in the sun, take a look at the 2018 program calendar!
Here is a link to the PDF: 2018 Program Calendar PDF



To see what you’ll be participating in camp, here are some dates:

First Term 1A :  Stewart Dance, Counselor Vespers, Field Day, Riverhill, Seminar Day, Point Theater, Movie Night
First Term 1B : Shawnee & Pawnee Vespers, Running Field Day, Covert Ops, Brother/Sister Picnic, Overnight, Carnival

Second Term 2A : Stewart Dance, Counselor Vespers, Field Day, Riverhill, Overnight, Seminar Day
Second Term 2B : Pawnee & Shawnee Vespers, Carnival, Covert Ops, Brother/Sister Picnic, Running Field Day

If you’re new to camp, here are some of the activity explanations. We will post themes of Field Days, Carnival, and the Dance very soon!!

Stewart Dance—Camp Stewart and Heart O’ the Hills come together for a themed evening of dancing and cookies!
Riverhill—Our Teen Division dresses up for a fancy dinner at the Riverhill Country Club in Kerrville.
Point Theater—Our Senior Division will have the chance to attend an outside theater featuring exciting plays.
Covert Ops—Ever wonder what it would be like to be an undercover spy? Our campers dress in all black to test their skills in this mission to infiltrate an enemy’s base and obtain a valuable prize.
Seminar Day—Campers choose from a variety of exciting activities from advanced canoe trips to star gazing. It’s a full day of new adventures.
Movie Night— Everyone grabs their sleeping bags and come together to watch a movie on the big screen. We set up a large projector and campers enjoy a film under the stars.
Vespers—Counselors and both tribes take their turns singing silly songs in costumes.
Brother/Sister Picnic—If our campers have siblings at Camp Stewart they have the opportunity to eat a picnic lunch with their brother!
Carnival— A Dunk Tank, Bouncy House, and Limbo—Oh my!
Overnight—Each division ventures to a different outdoor campsite to enjoy fire cooked meals and sleeping under the starts

The 14th and 25th are rather special days on camp! Valentine’s Day and Christmas, of course! Make sure you pack some gear to support your favorite holidays as we will celebrate them all day long!


Camp isn’t camp without campers

June can’t come soon enough! Can’t wait to see all your smiling faces!

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Katie Dougherty

Katie was an 11-year camper from Florida and has a criminal justice degree from University of Central Florida. She is The Heart's program director

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