Check out how we begin off season training!

Editor’s note: People always ask how we stay busy during the off season. 

Monique and Katie

Monique and Katie

Let me count the ways!! One of the biggest uses of our time is professional development and training. We try not to all be out of the office at once, so this first opportunity goes to Monique (office manager) and Katie (program director), who have ventured to North Carolina this week in order to participate in tours of several venerable camps in the western mountain region. The tour is sponsored by CODA, the Camp Owners and Directors Association, which we are a member of. Here is their first installment, in Monique’s words. Jane–

Hurricane or no hurricane, your crazy Heart girls hopped a plane yesterday to North Carolina.

NC camp tours, rain or shine!

Mo and Katie don’t mind Florence–who is 300 miles away!

Hurricane Florence isn’t going to stop us from a week full of learning and networking.

Every year, our off season is filled with many different continued education opportunities! This year’s came early with a unique opportunity to tour the beautiful camps around North Carolina.

Camp tours give us an opportunity to learn from others, sharing stories, and discussing solutions. Seeing how one camp’s dining hall functions, and the cabin life at another, all help us improve what we do every day. Even tiny things, such as how they hang their life jackets, can be such a big help!

Over the next week, Katie and I will have the opportunity to tour camps

Our NC home away from Heart

NC camp tours, where we are staying

Pinnacle, Greystone, Falling Creek, Illahee, Gwynn Valley, & Highlander! As we drove to Kanuga, the place we are staying, we saw many of the camps we will have the opportunity to tour.

Reminded me a lot of Hunt because of the close proximity to the other camps! It’s a unique bond that we are lucky to have.

We are so excited to share all the wonderful things we have learned and hopefully find some amazing things to bring back, to make The Heart even better.

Stay tuned! <3 Monique–

NC camp tour reading

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