2019 Staff Applications are Open!

There is no better feeling than finishing a summer knowing you made a difference in a child’s life. Here’s your opportunity to do just that. Working at camp is more than just a summer job, it’s an unforgettable experience full of growth and unbreakable bonds.

We’re excited to announce that applications for 2019 summer staff are now open! Explore the opportunity to work in the Texas Hill Country next to the beautiful Guadalupe River. Become a mentor and leader for young girls ages 6-16. Spend your summer teaching canoeing, archery, climbing, horseback, and so much more! What are you waiting for!

Why Work At Camp?

Okay, so you love camp, but why should you work at camp instead of pursuing an internship or simple summer job? Well, for one, working at a camp looks great on a resume; Grow your leadership abilities, communications skills, time-management, independence, and so much more in one place. Second, we basically dress up in costumes, sing silly songs, and play outside all summer.

Working at camp is tough work! It’s long hours and hot temperatures. We like to say it’s one of the hardest jobs you’ll ever have…but it has the biggest reward. Here’s what one of our counselors had to say about working at The Heart:

“As I’m sure you will know if you have looked into Heart O’the Hills that it is a sisterhood for campers and counselors alike, and it truly is! There is always someone around to cheer you up if something didn’t go quite as planned or share in your excitement at the end of a great day! The days are long and hard especially in the Texas heat…But it’s completely worth it when you see that girl at the start of the summer that was scared to get on the horse having fun in the all camp gymkhana winning points for her tribe! I’m so thankful that I had the opportunity to work at Heart O’ the Hills last summer as the time I spent there was truly amazing…”

What Are We Looking For?

Applicants go through an extensive screening process to ensure we find nothing but the best role models for our campers. We look for great attitudes, strong work ethics, love of the outdoors, and an eagerness to guide campers to reach their potentials. We want counselors who have a passion for inspiring young minds and the enthusiasm to make it happen

There are many positions available at camp. Whether you want to work with horses, at the Waterfront, or in the Art Studios, we have the place for you! Whatever you may be teaching, most of our staff live in the cabins with campers. This position is called “counselor”. A Counselor must be 18 or older and have a year of college completed. A Heart LITe (Leader in Training etc.) does not live in a cabin and must be 17 or older and have not yet completed a year of college. This is a volunteer position and they work extremely hard behind the scenes to ensure the magic of camp is given. 

How To Apply

Step 1: Check out our Job Opportunities page to see what positions are
vailable and what kind of responsibilities they have.
Step 2: Think about how awesome it would be to work at a summer camp.
Step 3: APPLY



About the Author

Katie Dougherty

Katie was an 11-year camper from Florida and has a criminal justice degree from University of Central Florida. She is The Heart's program director

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