Program Calendars, Costumes, and Updates, Oh My!

Here’s the updated Program Calendars for the summer. Due to our shortened terms, we had to cut some things out in order to make the most of the time we have together. For example, this summer there will be no gymkhanas or swim meets. But, horseback and swimming classes will still be going strong. Quadrille will still be available for our advanced riders who wish to participate. There will also only be one Field Day: 90’s Field Day. So leave your canes and gray-hair at home and get ready to look totally rad on the Big Field.

Now we know what you’re thinking, what about tribe points? Well don’t worry because we’ve included Bonus Day. This is an all-day event that will give campers the opportunity to gain more points for their tribe in activities around camp.

Counselor Vespers and Overnight also had to be shelved for the summer, but don’t fret they’re not gone forever. Additionally Closing Day will be a little different, all War Canoe races, the All-Camp Revue, and Naming O’ the Braves will take place the day before closing.

As you can see, due to our Pod functionality this summer, each Division does something different almost every night. This rotating system allows for age specific activities. This means Midgets get to build Box Towns, Sophomores get to rock Game Night, and Juniors get to explore the world of Jumanji. In the name of persevering the camp bubble, we are bringing the magic of Point Theatre to the Seniors in the form of our very own Pointless Theatre, and the scrumptious and classy setting of River Hill to the teens in the Village. We are so excited for these special events and the opportunity make one memorable summer!

program calendars
second term program calendars

P.S. We know you might be looking for the updated packing list so here it is:

*These items are available in our Trading Post

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Rachel is a rare fourth generation Heart girl. Her great-grandmother was the nurse for our first summer as Heart O’ the Hills Camp, and her grandmother and great aunt were campers, as were her mother and aunt. This fall she will be at UTSA as a marketing major. Rachel is a Jo Jones girl.

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