Trading Post: The COVID Edition

On Opening and Closing Days, the Trading Post will not be open. So please make sure to have Trading Post orders done before arrival. When ordering everything for your camper like you would normally do, select the “hold at camp” option. It will all be waiting for her in her teepee when she arrives! After their bead drawing, new campers will receive their tribe-specific merch.

Additionally, campers will not be allowed inside the Trading Post this summer. However, campers will be able to place orders from their teepee. In every teepee, there will be a T-Post catalog. So, campers can see all the shirts, shorts, water bottles, flashlights, and more. Through order forms, camper can place orders, which are delivered daily Monday-Saturday.

Hold Orders

So, if you’re ordering something through the Trading Post, you can put your order on hold and it will be waiting in you camper’s teepee when she arrives. Though it might seem like you’re filling things out to be shipped, just keep going and you’ll see the “Hold” option on the following page.

Additionally, all Texas orders are shipped next-day right now.

New Campers

Now, for all you new campers, here’s how we get your tribe clothes to you. Orders for tribe uniforms can be placed online and there will be an option for “New Camper” when choosing their tribe. After your camper picks her bead, we will deliver the correct tribe uniform to her teepee. We recommend 2-3 uniforms for the term. They are required, along with tennis shoes, for attending Tribe Hill.

And finally here’s The Heart’s 2020 packing list!

Trading Post

Please note: we do laundry once a week. So bring what you need. But please limit packing to two items (ex: one bag and one trunk)!! With less stuff, living quarters will be neater and cleaner . By making our areas cleaner, let’s minimize the chance of spreading germs at camp!

*These items are available in our Trading Post

Again, thank you all for your patience and flexibility. Regardless of the changes necessary for camp, it will be a great time!

As always, please do not hesitate to reach out to us with any questions or concerns!

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