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Thunder is as much our Friend as the Sunshine.

Today we had a massive rainstorm. A big one where the whole sky opens up and sheets of rain slid from the sky.  Thunder was vibrating in the background- cracking like whips; the lighting illuminating the sky in flashes of neon purple. 

The Heart is the place I fell in love with thunderstorms. The storms here are rare but beautifully violent. They are so gorgeous in their intensity. Its one of the things I hope for every year at camp-I love rainy days. Rain deepens the river, makes everything a little greener, and also allows for some unique bonding. 

Then and Now

Growing up I remember sneaking out of cabins and cranking up boom boxes while we would dance in the rain, I remember learning card games sitting in bunk beds,  “village” movie days, rain dances, spit turtles, and deep and meaningful conversations in pillow forts. I loved the occasional rainy day because it allowed me rare “downtime” with my friends. It was at camp, away from screens that I learned how serene the sound of the rain is, how stunning and thrilling it could be to sit and watch a storm, and was able to gain a new layer of appreciation for our world. 

Today I was reminded of that special part of camp. The storm rolled in and I was surrounded by younger campers- many of whom were truly freaked out by the purple lighting and the booming thunder. However with the use of a Bluetooth speaker, an MP3 player, and some really fantastic camp counselors the whole mood of the stormy situation began to shift. With a thunderstorm playlist at the ready and all the goofy dance moves, every girl in “the lodge” was up on their feet and dancing. Eventually the girls started to settle watching and cheering on the storm in awe. It was truly a beautiful moment to withhold both physically and emotionally. I think we have some new storm junkies and a few new memories worth archiving.   

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