The Heart is Eager to Welcome New Campers

Being the new kid at school is rough. But that’s not how it is at camp. We are community builders. Fostering sisterhood among our incredible campers is key to our mission! By selecting approachable and compassionate young women to be counselors, we are aiming to inspire our current campers to welcome new friends.

We are so excited to welcome new campers!

As soon as a new camper is registered, everyone in the office happily rings a bell to celebrate our newest gal. We send out new camper kits to welcome our girls, letting them know we can’t wait to see them! 

The night before opening day feels like Christmas eve. Like kids excitedly guessing what presents await them under the tree, each cabin counselor eagerly reviews the camper profiles of her new charges. The camper profile is designed to equip counselors with insight that will help a camper achieve her goals. (Be sure to fill it out when you’re knocking out your forms!) 

One of The Heart’s goals is to embolden our girls to explore, refine, and speak about their values. We create dozens of opportunities to welcome campers’ self-expression. From the comfort of their cozy cabin, to the hallowed riverside on Sunday, we welcome and encourage our girls to express themselves. We want them to know they will be embraced for who they are. When a girl feels welcome, she can focus on learning through play.

By encouraging current campers to approach everyone with unselfishness, goodness, and purity we build community. The Heart is always striving to facilitate a home for trust and courage. Campers learn the value of lifting each other up. Heart Girls are defined by their hospitality, and love of welcoming new sisters into their lives.

One of the marvelous things about community is that it enables us to welcome and help people in a way we couldn’t as individuals. -Jean Vanier
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