Uniforms unite our teams

Uniforms Unify the Unique Youth

Uniforms?!? At camp!?! Absolutely. There are several reasons for our dress code. 

By donning one’s camp regalia, a girl may shed the expectations of normal life and delve into her camp sanctuary. She is no longer the girl who bears the burden of society’s standards. Rather, she is the carefree camper. Girls become a part of something bigger than themselves when they come to camp, and their uniforms are a subtle reminder.  

We are always striving for an inclusive group that celebrates the integrity of a girl, not just her excellent fashion sense. Thankfully, uniforms remove points of differentiation and allow for authentic connection and appreciation. Young ladies have the freedom to define themselves, and others, by actions not garb. 

The year-round staff definitely have an affinity for the clothes we sell in the Trading Post. We put several hours into designing, customizing, and choosing the clothes. However, we understand it can be cumbersome to add Trading Post orders to the cost of camp. So, any comfortable, modest clothing in our camp colors is welcome. We are very proud of the many families that donate camp uniforms that have been outgrown. These donated uniforms are available for $2 a piece, just to cover the cost of laundering.

Uniforms subtly remind everyone that we are Heart Girls, and we always have our camp sisters!

“I think it’s a beautiful thing when you wear a uniform or a garb which represents a group of people, because what it immediately symbolizes is oneness, togetherness.” -Nia Long

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