Every Charm Tells a Unique Tale from The Heart

Charms predate recorded history. Ancient peoples wore charms, talismans, and medallions to ward off evil spirits, honor deities, and to invite fortune. The earliest charm bracelets discovered date back to about 400 BC, though charms have been around for tens of thousands of years. Currently, charms are not explicitly worn for fortune. Yet, they still retain the old magic possessed by a dear trinket. 

1982 Charm
Wildflowers Charm from 1982

For generational campers, The Heart’s charms represent a bond shared by women in the family. Though mothers and daughters do not go to camp together, sharing and understanding The Heart experience transcends time. The charms tell the unique tale of a camper’s experience.   

It’s never too late to start the tradition of charm collecting. I received my first charm last year. When I wear it I think of the community I represent, support, and love. The guitar charm reminds me of the enchanting Sundays down at Cypress Hollow, where our souls interlace through singing. Though my daughter’s bracelet slips off her little wrist, she loves taking it out and looking at her charms. In addition to her guitar charm, she has one of The Lodge. I hope she will treasure it all her life as her childhood home.

Since the start of the early-bird charm tradition in 1976, our charms have been uniquely crafted by our local jeweler, Jim Morris. Campers who sign up before Christmas, and have paid their $500 deposit, will receive their earlibird Christmas charm! Staff who sign up before Christmas will also receive one!

So what are you waiting for!? Get to signing up, we can’t wait to see you next summer!

“The heart, like the mind, has a memory.
And in it are kept the most precious keepsakes.”

― Henry Wadsworth Longfellow
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