New Camper Blog Series: Food at Camp

Typically, when people recollect food at camp they imagine a cafeteria-style dining hall with cheap and easy faire. But not at The Heart. However, food at camp not only fills the girls up to get them through the day, it’s well balanced, homemade cookin’. Food at camp is seasoned with singing and topped off with homemade ice cream. 

We serve our food at camp family-style. A counselor sits at the head of each table and serves everyone at their table. The counselor encourages campers to try at least three bites of everything on their plate, in accordance with their diets of course. Camper’s etiquette is recorded on table credits. Our assigned seating ensures that girls have the opportunity to eat with someone new each week.

Breakfast is offered with oatmeal, and a fruit and yogurt bar. Lunch and dinner are served with a soup and salad bar. Regardless of what your girl likes, there is enough variety for her to find something she will love!

food at camp

When there’s a particular dish that satisfies everyone’s wish, campers and counselors sing “Come out our Chefs.” It’s a small, but heartwarming, show of appreciation for all those behind the kitchen doors who make the magic happen!

Meals at camp are more than a time to fuel up at a cafeteria line, they are a bonding experience for everyone. It is the songs and people at camp that turn “almost as good as mom’s lasagna” into treasured “camp lasagna.”

Restrictions? No Problem!

Keep an eye out for food restrictions in the upcoming forms you will fill out for your camper. We document all food restrictions and keep a list in the kitchen for our chef to reference. Also, our kitchen is a nut-free site and offers vegetarian, vegan, and gluten-free versions of our meals. 

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