New Camper Blog Series: Communicating With Your Camper at Camp

You may be wondering how you’ll be able to check in with your girl while she’s away. There are a few ways of communicating with your camper. There’s email, trusty ole snail mail, and for full-term campers, the one phone call. 


Emails are sent via CampInTouch, printed out every morning, and distributed with the regular mail. If you would like your camper to email you back, just select the option for a response page to be printed as well. Responses are handwritten and uploaded every day. If you don’t get one ASAP (or at all) don’t worry, she’s just busy having fun! (But of course, if you do worry, just give the office a ring.)

Snail Mail

Camp is a place that teaches girls to value thoughtful expression and honor things that are handmade with love. Heart girls know there is nothing like a handwritten letter from loved ones. So send your girl with some stationary, stamps, and addresses- you’ll be glad you did when you are the recipient of her merry missives!

Communicating with your camper at camp should bolster her experience. Focusing on her triumphs and hard work will help her value her time away from home and boost her confidence. There are numerous ways to impart your love and relay her significance without kindling homesickness. 

“You always light up the room, your tepee mates are lucky to have you.”

“Your tribe must be as proud of you as we are for winning the race during field day! We know how much effort you put into running.”

Letting her know you are happy for her, and excited about her experience, encourages her to enjoy herself than she would be if she received a letter regaling all that she’s missed. 

“Daddy and I miss you so-so-so much honey bun! Your little sister took her first steps this morning, we are sad you missed them. Poor Sparky has been sleeping on your bed, wondering where you are!”

It is in the quiet moments at camp that they miss home. Reading a letter from home that speaks of her loved ones missing her will stir those same feelings within her. For the rest of Siesta she may think of home. Like the way Sparky seemed pretty puzzled when she was packing her trunk. 

Phone Call

If your camper is attending a full term, you can schedule a phone call after her first two weeks. Hop onto your CampInTouch account and schedule your phone call a day in advance. Be aware that sometimes hearing a family member’s voice over the phone can trigger tears- even the most seasoned campers are not immune. 

Communication is Key

Communicating with your camper at camp is important. But, it’s important to do it thoughtfully. Take a moment with her to chat about her boundaries. Maybe she feels like she needs a letter a day- so get to writing those encouraging letters! Maybe she needs to completely break free and explore who she is, without reporting to home until she’s finished. Communicate with your camper about communicating with your camper at camp. She will thank you for it. 

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