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New Camper Blog Series: Enjoying Camp Photos

While you can imagine your girl’s bright, shining face, it’s better to see her enjoying herself. As parents we know how it feels to want to see them reveling in their day. So we have a dedicated media crew that document each day. The Heart posts hundreds of camp photos a day are posted online.

Finding the Photos

Enjoying camp photos is easy, simply log into your CampInTouch account, and click “Photos” on the top of the page. The link will take you to the photo album page. Make sure you are on the appropriate year, then scroll down and view the album for each day. If you’re eager to find pictures of just your camper, the grey banner at the bottom of the screen has a “Photos of my Camper!” link. 

Sometimes the facial recognition system isn’t perfect, so peruse the daily albums just in case! On the top left corner of every photo is a subtle star that, when clicked, will add the photo to your “Favorites” album. Enjoying camp photos doesn’t stop at looking on the website, you can purchase and print them! 

Our media team strives to get shots of  every girl engaged and happy in every activity, but it can be difficult with such variegated days! If there aren’t pictures of your camper in that dance class you were both so excited about- give the office a call and we’ll do our best to make it happen! 

Sharing With Family

You can spread the joy of enjoying camp photos with your friends and family by adding a few guests to your CampInTouch account. Guest accounts have limited, but useful access. Enjoying camp photos and sending emails will be at their disposal, without having to ask for you to sign them in! 

A word of advice though, don’t tell your girl to smile for every photo! Knowing she is on camera, and that there is an expectation of her when there’s a camera around, dampens her ability to engage in and enjoy the activity she is doing. Candid photos make for the best photos, as they capture people in their truest state. 

So get to enjoying camp photos of your spontaneous, silly, steadfast gal! 

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