Camp’s Bubble is the Ultimate Respite for Girls

Fast paced. Constantly comparing. Always connected. On demand. Continuously on display. Constantly consuming. There isn’t room for Criticism, there’s a house. The world our girls are growing up in is incomparable to any we have known before. Their experience is dominated by technology, which can be just as harmful as beneficial. There is less wilderness in the world than ever before. Indeed, The Heart’s camp bubble is sacred.  

Hailing from cities so great their brilliance washes out the stars, our girls need the break from light pollution. At The Heart, our girls can stretch out beneath the Milky Way, alongside their sisters, witnessing the heavens above. Camp’s bubble provides awestruck opportunities.

The camp bubble allows us to revel in nature

Prohibiting electronics from our camp bubble allows for a reprieve from connecting. Girls enjoy living life, not witnessing it. In the camp bubble, they can run free, swim, laugh, learn, and relax. Free from the tech tether, girls can value each other for their character, not looks.

Humans evolved to fit into the natural world, not to the artificial one we have drafted. At camp we seek to introduce the youth to the serenity the natural world has to offer. Sacred simplicity is preserved in our little bubble. Our camp bubble isn’t limiting, rather it allows us to explore all that we are capable of.

“Adopt the pace of nature. Her secret is patience.”

Ralph Waldo Emerson
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Kimber M

Texas born and raised, I love the outdoors, animals, and time with my family.

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