Summer Resolution Series: Honor Your Tribe Heart

The practice of wearing badges or medals extends throughout history in all levels of society. From beggars to the king’s favored supporters, individuals have donned badges to convey a tacit message about themselves. A camper’s Tribe Heart is a badge of honor.

Now days we usually see badges in public service groups such as the military and emergency services. Or even for contributions to online groups, or scholastic achievement. For centuries, badges, medals, and patches have given a healthy sense of pride, and belonging. Not to mention, a visible measure of capability. 

We encourage our girls to wear their Tribe Heart on Sundays to Worship and Vespers so that they can feel proud of their efforts. And maybe inspire others to meet or exceed those accomplishments, or feel compelled to join those same teams. Sometimes seeing our accomplishments drives us to push for more.

Just by adorning their Tribe Heart, campers can represent their triumphs, interests, and team involvement. With a glance a girl’s diligence can be reflected. It resides in the medals and patches on her heart. Badges are given for team involvement, medals are given for outstanding performance and for advancing milestones. 

Modesty is an excellent quality. But sometimes it prevents us from understanding the depth of another’s work ethic, talents, or contributions. When a humble girl wears her Tribe Heart, she is imparting her success without bragging. While she is giggling and playing with her friends, her Tribe Heart can silently tell the tale of her success. 


Encourage your girl to take pride in her accomplishments and hard work by wearing her Tribe Heart. Even if she only has a few emblems of success, help her embrace the beginning of new challenges and opportunities! Every journey begins with a few small steps, and step after step grows into a traceable path.

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