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sunday whites

Summer Resolutions: Honor Sunday Whites

Play is the child’s job! It reduces stress by giving them a safe place to process their emotions and it opens the wonderful world of creativity! At camp, we work tirelessly to make sure they have a fun-filled summer! But we are also mindful to avoid overscheduling. Because children are chock-full of potential, it is tempting to fill their lives to the brim with extracurriculars that may speak to their heart or help them soar! But they also need a break from those super busy days! Sundays are traditionally a day of rest. Here at camp they are celebrated as a day of worship and of free play! A way that we honor Sunday’s distinction, is by wearing Sunday Whites.

We know the importance of free play, so on Sunday we don our Sunday Whites, put down the rigorous schedule and step away from the bugle. Campers sleep in, take cabin photos, worship, and then have some unstructured time to relax, swim, read, play kickball, chit chat, and much more. Our standard dinner is suspended in favor of dining on pizza and salad al fresco! Campers are free to play as soon as they’ve scarfed that last slice! Supervised, slightly structured, Sunday serenity! 

Now, our girls are celebrated for who they are, not how they look. However, it is refreshing to have a day where one can take pride in her appearance! Nothing feels so great as wearing a nice, clean, white outfit! Wearing Sunday Whites is an act of group cohesion. By wearing Sunday Whites, we honor our community. As Sunday is the beginning of the week, wearing Sunday Whites helps us feel like a pristine canvas. On which, we will paint a new beginning.

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