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honor taps

Summer Resolutions: Honor Taps

“Day is done, gone the sun, from the lakes, from the hills, from the skies…” Taps, the last song of the day, blows in reverence to the darkened hills, shutting eyes, and signaling passage into the precious world of dreams. 

Sleep is as essential as eating or drinking. Youngsters need a lot of it! It’s not just the exhausted body that needs rest– it’s the brain as well. When we sleep, our brains have the opportunity to “clean up shop.” By storing and organizing important memories, throwing out the useless information collected from the day, brains do a little cleaning. All the while, giving those busy neurons a break! Waking up well rested provides a refreshed body and mind, among numerous other benefits. Because the overall well-being of our campers is our priority, it is essential that Taps is honored “to a T!” 


Camp operates on a strict schedule; to do otherwise results in a rapid descent into campwide chaos. Routine is important to everyone, but for kids, it’s especially important– particularly when it comes to developing good sleeping habits. Reveille blows at the same time every morning and Taps at the same time every night to ensure our girls are getting enough rest and maintaining a regular sleep cycle.

Staying up past Taps can be tempting, especially when you’re in a tepee full of your best friends and you want nothing more than to laugh the night away. While we discuss the personal significance of honoring Taps to the girls, understanding really starts at home.

You probably already talk a lot with your camper about the importance of a good night’s sleep. But when you drop them off at camp, be sure to remind them that they will have a better experience if they are well rested! 

Camp is full of songs, and Taps is our sweet lullaby.

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